Event: OCC.0264

Kimberly Bartosik + Christopher-Rasheem McMillan

October 15, 2021

Guggenheim Fellow and Bessie Award recipient Kimberly Bartosik streamed clips and discussed the process around the creation of I hunger for you, her choreographic work focusing on the need for faith and the collective desire for transformation. Created for a cast of five professional performers and one child, in I hunger for you, deeply internalized forces of faith, violence, life force, and compassion pulse through bodies that exist in a mesmerizing, starkly beautiful, often dangerous world. Defined by light and its absence, the work looks deeply into the heart of the impulse to lose oneself in ecstasy, desire, and searching, riding an edge of barely controlled abandon and vibrating stillness. I hunger for you premiered in NYC at BAM Next Wave 2018 and toured to 6 cities, including Melbourne, Australia. The final tour, scheduled May 2020 as part of Faith in Arts Institute in partnership with Black Mountain College Museum & Design Center, was cancelled due to Covid-19.
Faith in Arts
University of North Carolina Asheville