Exhibition: OCC.0013

Jonathan Williams and the Jargon Society

September 16, 2020 – August 14, 2021

Jonathan Williams (1929–2008) was a man whose robust and eclectic interests and endeavors make him impossible to easily define. He was a photographer; a poet and essayist; a publisher and designer of books; a collector of books, art, and language; a walker and hiker; an active letter writer; a Southerner by birth and traveler by nature; an advocate for the under-appreciated; and a man who appreciated good food and drink. Jonathan’s independent small-press publishing venture, The Jargon Society, was founded in 1951 just prior to his arrival at Black Mountain College. It became a lifetime pursuit. This exhibition explored the many facets of Jonathan Williams, his Jargon Society Press, and its associated artists and writers.
Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (120 College Street)