Souvenirs from Collaborative Opening
Two ceramic objects, one placed over the other; the objects are flattened circles with the sides rolled up into a taco-like shape. The clay is matte and peach-colored with light brown speckles. There are several characters stamped into the front-facing side of the top object, beginning with “KK” on the uppermost portion with the first K backwards, “O” in the middle,” and “MC” at the bottom.

Artwork: 2011.1.1

Souvenirs from Collaborative Opening

circa 1950 – 1964
Bisque fired clay

Small ceramic pieces with artists' imprints, produced as souvenirs/invitations for an opening at Gate Hill Cooperative Community in Stony Point, NY (The Land).
Gift of Ursula Powers
M.C. Richards, Karen Karnes, and David Weinrib, Souvenirs from Collaborative Opening, circa 1950 - 1964. Collection of Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center. Gift of Ursula Powers.
M.C. Richards, Centering: Life + Art, 100 Years. (Asheville, NC: Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, 2016), 98.