Green Sky
A vertical composition with two prominent central forms; these abstract forms are collaged with overlapping media of different earth tones. The larger rectangular form consists of thin strips of color in muted greens, browns, blues, and reds, and crosses the composition diagonally from the bottom right-hand corner to the center. Above the larger form, the smaller rectangular form is similarly made up of fields of overlapping muted colors. The background is comprised of light-green brush strokes which are opaque in some areas and transparent in others, particularly in the upper right-hand corner where a reddish-brown tone is visible beneath the green.

Artwork: 2013.4.1

Green Sky

Mixed media and paper collage on masonite

18 x 12 inches
Gift of Catherine and Michael Urbain
John Urbain, Green Sky, 1988. Mixed media and paper collage on masonite. Collection of Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center. Gift of Catherine and Michael Urbain.