Text reads: 
Where making is a central activity, every example has value: making bread, making a sign, making a report, making a table, making a concert, making love, making tea, making a baseball game, making plans for next year, MAKING.
In making, we develop a feel for materials, for the play between purpose and accident and inspiration, for gestalt, for instrument, for becoming, for death as a physical process essential to creation; and we are filled with wonder

Artwork: 2021.29.1


A limited edition broadside designed and printed in 1991 in the book arts department at the Oregon School (now College) of Art and Crafts. Text by M.C. Richards, reprinted from Centering In Pottery, Poetry, and the Person.  
13 x 19 inches
Copyright 1989 M.C. Richards. Reprinted by permission of University Press of New England.
Gift of Julia Connor