Dark, choppy, linear grey marks create the background for this painting, which depicts two identically dressed green-skinned figures reclining across the upper two thirds of the composition. The figures, which wear black pirate-like hats and body suits patterned with pink-and-gold rhombuses, each have red hair, lack a mouth, and rest casually against their propped elbows as they stretch across the ground plane. Gathered in front of the two figures are three large worm-like forms: a small red form in the front, and two larger green forms which vary slightly in color and rival the size of the figures. The green worm-like form which is closest to the figures curls upwards, and gazes towards the full moon, which sits just beyond a single illuminated cloud.

Artwork: 1995.12.12


Acrylic on canvas paper

20 x 23 inches
Faith Murray Britton, Untitled, n.d. Acrylic on canvas paper. Collection of Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center. Gift of the Artist.