Untitled from the Geodesic series
Colorful, assorted triangles and squares are spaciously woven into a white background. Some of the shapes are organized into geometric clusters, with a square in the center of three or four triangles, while other areas of the artwork are sparsely populated with lone taingle and square shapes. In some areas of the tapestry, circular forms begin to emerge as a result of lines created by the organization of certain shapes. While yellow, blue, and red hues dominate the scene, shades of pink, puple, green, and orange also make an appearance.

Artwork: 2008.8.1

Untitled from the Geodesic series

Wool tapestry

7 x 5 feet
Gift of Wes Rousser
Evelyn Anselevicius, Untitled from the Geodesic Series, circa 1970s. Tapestry. Collection of Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center. Gift of Wes Rousser.
The Shape of Imagination: Women of Black Mountain College, (Asheville, NC: Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, 2008), 10.