Individual: ENT.0348

Lore Kadden Lindenfeld

1921 – 2010

Lore Kadden came to the United States with her father, mother, and brother after having to flee Germany in the 1930s. Immediately, Lore worked to help support her family in a suburb of Boston where they had settled. She had previously studied fashion design in Germany and worked as a seamstress doing alterations and in various other jobs. She enrolled in adult education classes at Harvard before receiving a scholarship to study at BMC.


While at the college, Lore studied textile design with Anni Albers, Trude Guermonprez, and Franziska Mayer. Her training was integral to her development as a textile designer and her work in industrial textile production. Lore also studied with mathematician Max Dehn, Josef Albers, and M.C. Richards.


After several years working in the textile industry, Lore raised two children and taught weaving courses.